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Beard Balm

Use beard balm every few days to keep your beard soft, conditioned and smelling fantastic.  Use on dry beards, stops the frizz and makes easier to shape. 

Beard Balm is primarily made from a mix of soft oily substances like shae butter, coco butter, oils and waxes that are solid when cool but warm up and melt when rubbed between hands, softening to a consistency you can rub though your beard.  As it cools it coats your mane with a rich conditioning coat of goodness, helping you to comb it into shape, sculp and smell fresh.   Use Beard Balm every few days as you need to.

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Beard Oil

Moisturise your beard and face daily with beard oil  and comb through after a shower when your beard is still a  little damp.  Comb through and smell amazing.

Beard Oil is essential for daily beard care.  If your beard is short or close to your skin it can really help any itchiness and dry skin flakes aka 'beard-druff ".  As your beard gets longer you need to use a bit more beard oil, run it down the length of your mane and into your skin.  The longer your beard, the further away the hair is from your skin the drier it becomes so you need to keep it oiled and healthy.   Only a few drops for a short beard a little squirt from the dripper for longer beards.   

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Beard Wash

Using normal hair shampoo dries out your beard by removing the natural oils, our conditioning beard washes are safe for you man mane and smell awesome.

Beard wash is not like your girlfriends shampoo, you shouldn't be using her peach and pomegranate smelly stuff anyway!  If you are using beard oil and beard balm you will know the importance of adding oils to your beard.  Using normal shampoo and conditioner strips out the natural oils from your mane, using plain old cakes of soap is even worse!  A beard wash is a specially formulated conditioning wash that cleans but doesn't dry out your hair. 

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Pomades & More

Our Barbershop in Warracknabeal is now open so we are now planning the launch of  Dead Man's haircare range introducing pomades.

Pomades create body and structure, its lightweight and versatile allowing you to create different looks. Its not a hard gel or an oily hair tonic, it washes out easily and doesn't set your hair rock solid but allowing your hair to move naturally.
Very soon we are also adding shave balm and tash wax.  Stay tuned to our facebook page for the products launch and upcoming specials and offers!

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The DMB News Feed

1 year ago

Get in now to ensure delivery for Father’s Day!
Give dad what he wants this year

1 year ago

do you have a friend who’s beard is in need of some ‘taming’
Tag them and go in the draw for a Dead Man’s Beard Collection!!!!
Drawn on the 1st ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from The Dead Man's Beard Company's post

Wow check out the current issue of Outback magazine!
The Dead Man’s Beard Co featured in an article about beeswax🐝🐝🐝

1 year ago
Tash Wax - The Dead Mans Beard Moustache Wax Australian Made

15ml tin of Tash Wax for tweaking and getting your dapper on. Lightly scented with Basil and Lime essential oils which is firm to the touch but becomes creamy and ... See more

15ml tin of tash wax for tweaking and getting your dapper on. Lightly scented with Basil and Lime essential oils to mold and shape your moustache.

1 year ago

New pics featuring our firm hold balm (black tin) and new Tash Wax (front) check it out

1 year ago

So excited that our new updated website now supports ‘Square’ meaning we accept cards online 🎉 super easy to order and pay now
Check out the update 🧔🏻🧔🏽🧔🏼

2 years ago

Busy night in the workshop tonight! Cooking and pouring our new moustache wax (not that this guy needs it) and working out recipes for our exciting new pomades coming soon.

2 years ago

Hey Guys we are down at the Hair Expo so much to see and learn!

2 years ago

Another mad morning posting off weekend orders! I love Monday’s! Enjoy your deliveries guys 🧔🏻🧔🏼🧔🏾 #thedeadmansbeardco #thedeadmansbeardcompany #australianbeardcare #beardbalm ... See more

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